Best Young Researcher Article Award – 2022

With the paper “Anyons in Quantum Hall Interferometry” published in Nature Review Physics, Matteo Carrega is the winner of the Best Young Research Article Award for the 2022 edition.

As for the past years, by this award, SPIN intends to give maximum visibility to the work of young (under 35 years) researchers of its community being first authors of distinguished papers published in international peer-reviewed journals.

Matteo was selected from a list of seven candidates by the Evaluation Committee, composed by Paolo Barone, Valeria Braccini, Gaia Grimaldi, Daniele Marrè, with the following motivation:


In this paper, Carrega el al. review the recent theoretical and technological advances in Quantum Hall interferometry. Beside representing the first example of topological quantum matter, the quantum Hall effect in the fractional regime involves excitations with fractional statistics whose detection and manipulation represent key milestones in view of topologically protected quantum computation schemes. The review paper, the first comprehensive one in this cutting-edge research field, clearly highlights the important contributions of the candidate and his expertise and mastery of the topic."



This year, for the first time, all the candidates were also involved in the organization of a workshop where they could better introduce their scientific work.

The first BYRAA workshop was held online on July 14th 2022 and was chaired by Gabriele Campagnano and Anita Guarino. The list of all the candidates with the titles of the related papers is reported in the following:


  • Matteo Carrega et al., Anyons in Quantum Hall Interferometry, Nature Review Physics 3, 698 (2021)


  • Maria D’Antuono et al., Nanopatterning of oxide 2-dimensional electron systems using low-temperature ion milling, Nanotechnology 33, 085301 (2022)


  • Armando Galluzzi et al., A precursor mechanism triggering the second magnetization peak phenomenon in superconducting materials, Scientific Reports 11, 7247 (2021)


  • Alessandro Leveratto et al., Transport current and magnetization of Bi-2212 wires above liquid Helium temperature for cryogen-free applications, Scientific Reports 11, 11660 (2021)


  • Martina Meinero et al., Mn-induced Fermi-surface reconstruction in the SmFeAsO parent compound, Scientific Reports 11, 14373 (2021)


  • Aniello Pelella et al., Graphene-Silicon Device for Visible and Infrared Photodetection, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 13, 47895 (2021)


  • Giacomo Rebora et al., Suppression of the radiation squeezing in interacting quantum Hall edge channels, New Journal of Physics 23, 063018 (2021)
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