R3 - Quantum Science and technologies

Coordinator Marco Salluzzo

Quantum technologies are today at the frontier of an interdisciplinary research on which academic, SME and large industries are dedicating worldwide efforts towards the establishment of quantum revolution.

In spite of fast technological advancements in the different Quantum technologies pillars, several challenges are far to be solved, namely: the realization of fault-tolerant quantum-bits for the attainment of a real quantum advantage in quantum computing; the development of a platform for Quantum key distribution (QKD) devices and systems for Quantum telecommunication; the deployment of integrated quantum sensors and imaging systems with metrology standards in Quantum Sensing and metrology.

CNR-SPIN in last few years is contributing through national and international projects, to the Quantum technology research at several levels.

This area will contribute to the fields of fundamental and applied research in quantum physics and materials, in quantum computing based on superconducting electronics and on spintronics, quantum photonics and quantum sensing taking advantage of an interdisciplinary approach, which collects competences available of Area 3 in the fields of:

  • Material Science and technology (growth of single crystals and complex heterostructures)
  • Low-temperature quantum-transport phenomena
  • Josephson physics
  • Nano-fabrication/nano-characterization technologies
  • Qubit fabrication and characterizations
  • Single photon detectors
  • Travelling Wave Parametric Amplifier (TWPA)
  • Microwave photonics and microwave technology
  • Theory of quantum transport in mesoscopic/nanoscopic systems
  • Theoretical modeling and numerical simulation of quantum coherent phenomena in realistic devices 

We identified three sub-areas of research and their responsible:



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