Past seminars

Seminar archive 2023

Carino Ferrante Coherent and spontaneous Raman with pulsed lasers for investigation of material properties 26/01/2023
Carmine Ortix Designing spin and orbital sources of Berry curvature at oxide interfaces 23/02/2023
Alexander Buzdin Optical methods of flux manipulation in superconductors 30/03/2023
Ilaria Maccari Vestigial Phases in Multicomponent Superconductors: Firsyt Experimental Signature of a Fermion Quadrupling Comndensate that Break Time-Reversal Symmetry 27/04/2023
Federico Caglieris Anomalous transport properties in antiferromagnetic Mn3Ge 25/05/2023
Gianni Profeta  A dream comes true: room-temperature superconductivity (?) 22/06/2023
Jijil JJ Nivas Laser-induced surface structuring: an effective approach for surface functionalization 13/07/2023
Andrea Gauzzi Tuning topological Dirac states using correlated d-electrons 26/10/2023
Nini Pryds Symmetry breaking – A peek into the field of oxide heterostructures 23/11/2023
Yu Chen, Yuri Fukaya Presentation for the "Best Young Researcher Article" Award 20/12/2023

 Seminar archive 2022

Martina Esposito Superconducting Travelling Wave Parametric Amplifiers:from near quantum-noise-limited amplification to microwave photonics 27/01/2022
Andrey V. Chubukov Superconductivity from repulsion 24/02/2022
Cesare Tresca High temperature superconductors, the interesting case of PdCuHx ternary hydride 31/03/2022
Giacomo Ghiringhelli Exploring the physics of quantum matter with high resolution RIXS 28/04/2022
Yuriy Yerin Topological phase transition between the gap and the gapless superconductors 26/05/2022
Christian Rinaldi From ab-initio calculations to nanoelectronics: path and challenges for ferroelectric Rashba semiconductors 30/06/2022
Geetha Balakrishnan Magnetic skyrmion materials 29/09/2022
Ruggero Vaglio High Tc superconductors for the future hadron collider at CERN 01/12/2022
Andrey Varlamov Termoelettricità: dall'arco di ferro dell'epoca di Alessandro Volta ai termogeneratori ferrofluidi di oggi 22/12/2022


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