Education for schools


In recent years, the SPIN Institute has progressively strengthened its commitment to initiatives and educational projects for primary and secondary schools. This effort aligns with the renewed role assumed by the National Research Council (CNR) in disseminating scientific culture within the education system, promoting the transfer of knowledge from the "lab to the classroom" through the use of open-access educational resources.

For some years now, the scientific community at SPIN has made available a list of educational seminars that can be freely booked by teachers. These seminars are conceived to provide an overview of some of the research topics addressed within the Institute's activities, offering an introduction to the main experimental and theoretical approaches used.

SPIN is currently involved in developing specific educational projects, including the PCTO ("Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e l’Orientamento" meaning Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation) dedicated to high school students. Additional activities are directed towards primary school students with the goal of introducing them to the world of science and mathematics through innovative educational approaches.

For all teachers and those interested in learning more about SPIN's activities for schools, you can leave your contact information through the dedicated form (only for italian schools).

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