The High-Performance Computing-Europa3 program

The High-Performance Computing-Europa3 program has been recently concluded. Its main goals were to offer access to world-class HPC systems for academic and industrial researchers; scientific collaboration with host researchers in any field; technical support by the HPC centers; travel and living expenses reimbursed.

The program provided a great opportunity to computational scientists to expand their scientific network by hosting researchers from different international Institutions and to carry out research projects together. Indeed, the project is based on a program of visits, in the form of traditional transnational access, with researchers visiting HPC centres and/or scientific hosts who mentor them scientifically and technically for the best exploitation of the HPC resources in their research. The visitors were financially supported for travel, accommodation and subsistence, and provided with an amount of computing time suitable for the approved project.

Within the program, a special recognition was given to Alessandro Stroppa who has been selected as scientific host for a number as high as 20 successful applications, including scientists from China, India, Europe, USA and Third World countries. Due to pandemic restrictions, 7 young researchers preferred to conduct the research project by remote.

The remaining 13 scientists visited the CNR-SPIN unit in L’Aquila from September 2021 to April 2022 (

This was possible thanks to the collaboration with the Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences (Prof. Guido Macchiarelli, Director MeSVA) of University of L’Aquila, which provided an appropriate office space. We thank the HPC-Europa3 Transnational Access program for supporting our visiting scientists.


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