Technology transfer

Technology transfer SPIN recognizes the strategic importance of the Research enhancement activity promoting projects in collaboration with the entrepreneurial system and protecting the results of research in which industrial interests could be involved.

SPIN owns a well-selected number of patents appealing to Industry particularly in the fields of Biomedicine and Applied Superconductivity. The Spin-Off company Columbus Superconductors is a successful example coming from the research collaboration with ASG Superconductors SPA for the production and the commercialization of innovative MgB2 superconducting wires.
SPIN was also involved in the realization of an interventional tomograph that is currently placed on the market by Paramed S.r.l.. This R&D activity was funded by the Italian Ministry of Research. (More info)
The Italian patent n. 1425199 “Selective stimulation of small nerve fibres by micropatterned interdigitated surface electrodes” - jointly owned by Cnr and University of Genoa - has been recently licensed to Bionen, an Italian manufacturer of accessories for neurophysiology. The patented invention stems from a collaboration among scientists of the Cnr-SPIN Institute - Dr. Luca Pellegrino - and the University of Genova - Prof. Massimo Leandri, Int. Centre for Pain Neurophysiology and Prof. Antonio Siri, Dept. of Physics. Details at
SPIN is also actively involved in some public-private partnerships which contribute to foster technology transfer opportunities. The most significant example is the recent START4.0 Competence Center focused on the employment of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies in the fields of security, safety and cyber security for the strategic infrastructure.

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