Best Young Researcher Article Award 2023

On December 20th, the 2023 edition of the Workshop “Best Young Research Article Award (BYRA)” was held online and chaired by the SPIN researcher Carino Ferrante.

Following the present guidelines and on the basis of the nominations suggested by the SPIN scientific community, the workshop program was composed by the seminars:

  • "Symmetry, Ferromagnetic and Warping effects on (111) LaAlO3/EuTiO3/SrTiO3 interface", Dr. Yu Chen;
  • "Anomalous Josephson coupling and high-harmonics in noncentrosymmetric superconductors with S-wave spin-triplet pairing". Dr. Yuri Fukaya.

After the Workshop, the evaluation committee (Carmine Attanasio, Vittorio Cautadella, Daniele Marrè, Gianni Profeta) selected Dr. Yu Chen as the BYRA winner for the paper “Ferromagnetic Quasi-Two-Dimensional Electron Gas with Trigonal Crystal Field Splitting” published in ACS Appl. Electron Mater 4, 3226 (2022).

The award was assigned with the following motivations:

The paper originates from an international collaboration led by CNR-SPIN, involving several prestigious European research institutes. It reports on the realization and characterization of an artificial ferromagnetic quasi-two-dimensional electron gas at the (111) interfaces between LaAlO3, EuTiO3, and SrTiO3. The LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface has been one of the hottest topics in condensed matter physics over the last two decades, and this work contributes to the investigation of the interplay between ferromagnetism, spin–orbit coupling, and crystal field splitting in such a quasi2DEG. In this article, the candidate played a relevant role in both the fabrication and characterization of the interfaces and in the realization of models for the analysis of the experimental results. During the seminar, the candidate presented the arguments in a clear and comprehensive way and demonstrated an understanding of the overall logic of the paper, even of the experiments in which he was not directly involved.”


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