CERN-SPIN collaboration on IBS superconductors for future accelerator magnets

On November 9th, a collaboration agreement between CERN and SPIN was signed by J. M. Jimenez, Head of the Technology Department, A. Siemko, HFM Programme Leader, C. Hartley, Head of Industry, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer Department, C. Lara, Head of Procurement and Industrial Services for CERN, and F. Miletto Granozio, Director of CNR-SPIN.

Such agreement is an addendum to the Memorandum of Cooperation for the High Field Magnet (HFM) Research and Development Programme. Under the terms of this Addendum, CERN and SPIN shall collaborate in a project which is part of the HFM Programme. The project consists in carrying out preliminary R&D activities related to the development of Iron Based Superconducting (IBS) wires through the Powder In Tube (PIT) technology. The Project is the first phase of a potential future technology aimed at realizing a new generation of high-temperature superconductors (HTS) for accelerator magnets. The Technical Coordinators will be Dr. Amalia Ballarino for CERN and Dr. Andrea Malagoli for SPIN. Furthermore, Dr. Andrea Malagoli is now member of the HFM programme Collaboration Board.



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