SPIN researchers included in the list of the World Top-cited scientists

As in the past and on the basis of the Scopus data provided by Elsevier, researchers from Stanford University and other academic institutions in the United States have just published a list of the top 2% most widely cited scientists.

In this publicly-available database, scientists are classified into 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields and articulated information on citations, h-index, co-authorship adjusted hm-index, citations to papers in different authorship positions, are provided.

Two main lists have been made available referred both to career-long data (195.605 scientists), being updated to end-of-2021, and single recent year (200.409 scientists), dealing with citations received during calendar year 2021.

Confirming the achievement of the previous edition, three SPIN researchers (Filippo Giubileo, Silvia Picozzi, Alessandro Stroppa) have been included in the list for the single recent year impact. The same list contains also the names of Antonio Di Bartolomeo e Giacomo Ghiringhelli, being University scientists associated to the SPIN activities.

More details about this initiative, with the adopted methodology and the complete set of data, can be found here.

Last modified on Wednesday, 09 November 2022 00:03
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