The new Ph.D. Program on Quantum Technologies now approved by ANVUR!

ANVUR has definitely approved the new Ph. D. Program on Quantum Technologies as proposed by the University of Naples Federico II (Coordinator Prof. Francesco Tafuri) in collaboration with the University of Camerino and CNR.

The new Ph.D. Program aims at promoting both conceptual and methodological tools, and the specific knowledge on different quantum platforms. The deep inter-disciplinarity between different platforms, the development of new ideas of quantum devices and their engineering involve complementary expertise ranging from physical sciences to chemistry, engineering and informatics. This Ph.D. Program represents a significant contribution toward the creation of a new scientific awareness based on interdisciplinary skills useful to the development of quantum devices and technologies. The whole project has been built keeping an eye to the EU Flagship “Quantum Technologies”. A significant number of SPIN researchers (G. Cantele, P. Lucignano) and associate researchers (F. Tafuri. G. Pepe, R. Bruzzese, V. Cataudella) of CNR SPIN takes part to the Executive Board of the Ph.D. Program. The Ph.D. Program will start on next academic year and hence the proper organization in terms of courses and outstanding lectures is now in progress, planned by all participant Institutions.

Last modified on Friday, 25 May 2018 11:14
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