Equipment Genova

The Research Unit of Genova has a large amount of scientific equipment allowing preparation of different materials in bulk, wire, tape and thin film form, as well as morphological, structural magnetic and transport properties characterization.  The UOS own also a Helium liquefier allowing L-HE production of about 15 liters per hour and a setup for He gas recovery and storage.

Main equipments in SPIN-Genova Laboratories are:

Deformation Laboratory


Bulk and (nano) powders preparation: Different chemical laboratories equipped for synthesis of different materials by solid state reactions and chemical characterization.

Superconducting Wires and tapes: Rolling and Drawing machines for the realization of tapes and wires on kilometer length scale using the powder in tube technique. Various furnaces in different controlled atmosphere.

Thin Film Deposition: Two excimer lasers and one Nd:YAG laser, two PLD systems with multitarget carousel and in situ monitoring of the growth by RHEED. One mixed MBE/PLD system, several effusive cells. The lab owns also an ink-jet printer for low cost material deposition.

Hazardous material lab: The lab is equipped for safe working of toxic material in form of powder or liquid. A forced aeration system is installed in order to have an adequate air change. The lab is equipped with a sink and a classical chemical hood for usual product manipulation.

Device fabrication: Clean room equipped with optical lithography facilities, DC sputtering system, AFM nanolithography system, supercritical drier system.

Scanning Probe Microscopy: Atomic Force Microscope and Low Temperature Scanning Tunnel Microscope allowing the study of morphological and functional properties of thin films and devices.

Optical Spectroscopy  and transport and magnetic properties measurements: variable temperature MOKE system, Spectroscopic ellipsometry, two Squid systems and a Physical Properties Measurement System by Quantum Design, several cryostats for magnetic, electrical, thermoelectrical and thermal transport properties measurements.

Low Temperature Scanning Tunnel Microscope
Thin film deposition laboratory
Hazardous material laboratory