Equipment Salerno

Infrared image furnaceThe research unit of Salerno has a large amount of scientific equipment covering the following areas:  advanced material fabrication in bulk and thin film form, structural and transport characterization, micro and nano patterning, advanced calculus.

Some equipment is part of a larger pool belonging to the University host Departments (Physics and Engineering) and is located in shared laboratories.

Some relevant equipments  are:

  • Electron microscopy facility - one tungsten/LaB6 SEM (LEO EVO 50) with a secondary electron and 4‐quadrant back‐scatter electron detectors, EDX, WDX and EBSD analysis; one  FESEM (Σigma by ZEISS) with InLens, SE2 and BSE detectors, and  nano-manipulators.
  • Bulk - Infrared image furnace for floating zone crystal growth.
  • Thin Films - molecular beam epitaxy system  equipped with different effusive cells and e‐gun for RHEED analysis , PLD system ( shared with CNR-IOM Institute at ELETTRA-Trieste), different sputtering systems.
  • Transport -Cryomagnet systems for thermoeletric effects as well as magnetic and transport properties in magnetic field up to 16 T and down to the lowest temperature of 50 mK.


Cryogen Free Magnet  Variable Temperature Insert
Cryogen Free Magnet Variable Temperature Insert


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