Equipment Roma

Pulsed laser Deposition system with in-situ RHEED
Diagnostics equipped with a multitarget system for
oxygen deposition atmosphere enriched
with 12% of ozone.

At University of Tor Vergata, SPIN laboratory is hosted in the Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Science. The relevant equipments are devoted to the thin films growth (mainly heterostructures and superlattices) by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) and their characterization by structural and transport measurements.

Relevant equipments are:three PLD chambers, a 3 circle diffractometer allowing reciprocal space mapping and two cryocoolers able to go down to 15 K are available, one of the two cryocoolers also equipped with an electromagnet able to produce a magnetic field up to 1 T along an arbitrary crystallographic direction.  A recent upgrade of an electrical measurements workstation allows four point transport and I-V measurements up to 800°C in oven with quartz tube with controlled gas environment.

At University of La Sapienza, SPIN is hosted in the Physics Department. The scientific equipments are covering the investigation of solid-state materials, nanostructures and biological systems by optical spectroscopy from the very far-infrared range through the mid-infrared up to the ultraviolet. Relevant equipments are: broadband Fourier-transform spectroscopy is the main experimental tool, but grating spectrometers, infrared microscopes, quantum cascade lasers and terahertz amplifier-multiplier chains are also available.

Interferometer BRUKER 66V equipped with a cryogenic apparatus for transmittance and reflectivity measurements down to 5 K and with an infrared microscope Hyperion-II

AFM coupled to a Quantum Cascade Laser
for infrared microscopy below the diffraction limit.