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  • CNR-SPIN, c/o Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II " - Dip. Fisica
    Compl. Univ. M.S. Angelo, Via Cintia
  • Napoli
  • I-80126


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Miscellaneous Information

I'm currently Researcher at the CNR-SPIN Institute and involved in the theoretical modelling of materials and device properties.

The research activity has concerned several aspects of the theoretical modelling of the structural, electronic, optical and transport properties of semiconductor and metal crystals, surfaces, interfaces and low-dimensional nanostructures. Some of the relevant research topics are summarized in the following:

  • effects of the dimensionality, size and shape in nanocrystalline materials (e.g. silicon nanocrystals, TiO2 nanocrystal and nanowires, graphene, nano films, etc.)
  • the role of the surface chemistry and functionalization in the design of multifunctional nanostructures and hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces (TiO2 nanocrystals and nanowires, organic coverage of silicon surfaces, hybrid perovskites, etc., with special focus on properties such as interface barriers and surface work function)
  • the role of defects in the comprehension and design of the electronic, optical and transport properties of nanostructured materials (graphene and related nanos- tructures, silicon nanocrystals, surfaces and interfaces based on oxide materials such as TiO2, SnO2, SrTiO3, ZnO, etc.)
  • dielectric screening at the nanoscale.

Different theoretical frameworks/approaches are used:

  • first principles approaches, based on density functional theory and its extensions (e.g. quasi-particle many body approaches for the computation of the excitation spectra), for the study of the material properties and chemistry with microscopic accuracy
  • semiempirical approaches, such as tight binding, for the study of the electronic and optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures composed by thousands of atoms
  • effective approaches (effective mass theory, Thomas-Fermi model) for building simple models for the electronic and optical properties of nanostructures.


The results have been published in about 70 pubblications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings with about 2100 citations (font: Scopus, May 2019). Significant skills in software programming for scientific calculus, in data analysis and in the management of computer infrastructures for high performance computing have been gained during the research work. In 2017 the national scientific qualification for Academic positions of Associate and Full professor in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics has been earned. 

More references might be found at:

 Selected highlights




Electronic properties of twisted bilayers of two dimensional materials


Electronic properties and interlayer coupling of twisted MoS2/NbSe2 heterobilayers
Felice Conte, Domenico Ninno, and Giovanni Cantele, Phys. Rev. B 99, 155429 (2019)

Effect of atomic corrugation on the flat bands and energy gaps of twisted bilayer graphene at the magic angle θ∼1.08°
Procolo Lucignano, Dario Alfè, Vittorio Cataudella, Domenico Ninno, and Giovanni Cantele, Phys. Rev. B 99, 195419 (2019), selected by the editors of PRB to be an Editors' Suggestion





Cantele, G., Lee, Y.-S., Ninno, D., Marzari, N.                                Spin channels in functionalized graphene nanoribbons
(2009) Nano Letters, 9 (10), pp. 3425-3429.

Borriello, I., Cantele, G., Ninno, D.
Graphene nanoribbon electrical decoupling from metallic substrates
(2013) Nanoscale, 5 (1), pp. 291-298.

Cantele, G., Ninno, D.
Size-dependent structural and electronic properties of Bi(111) ultrathin nanofilms from first principles
(2017) Phys. Rev. Mater., 1 (1), art. no. 014002.

Damico, N.R., Cantele, G., Ninno, D.
First principles calculations of the band offset at SrTiO3-TiO2 interfaces
(2012) Applied Physics Letters, 101 (14), art. no. 141606








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