Bellingeri Emilio

Senior Researcher

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  • Corso F. M. Perrone, 24
  • Genova
  • 16152


  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • +39 010 6598 757

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Miscellaneous Information

Education and training



1/7/1995 –10/7/2000
PhD at Geneva University.


Material science ;Crystallography ; Electronic microscopy; Material preparation

Thesis title “The compound Tl(1223): phase studies and preparation of superconducting tapes”

1/10/1987 –27/10/1993
Physics degree at Università di Genova (106/110)


  • Solid State Physics
  • Low Temperature Physics
  • Experimental Physic

Main activities and responsibilities


Thin films deposition of realization of electronic devices based on these materials.

  • Iron based superconducting thin films deposition
  • Structural and morphological characterization
  • Physical properties (electrical and thermal transport, magnetization...
  • Responsible of many CNR equipments.
  • Editorial board member of MDPI Coatings

Recent Scientific Activities


My main present research subject is the realization of a Tl cuprate based superconductor coating for beam impedance mitigation in the Future Circular Collider under design at CERN (CH).

In the last period my research activity was focused on oxides and chalcogenide films and devices realized by these materials.

Main results are:

-Field effect devices based on magnetically doped ZnO were realized in order to study the effect of the carrier concentration on the magnetic order of the material.

-Heterostructures ZnO/(Zn,Mg)O were realized and the formation of a two dimensional electron gas was observed by the presence of quantum effect in the transport properties.

-Superconducting FeSeTe thin film with enhanced properties (Tc up to 21 K and Jc larger then 10^5 A/cm2 at 4K,9T) were obtained by “strain and defect” engineering.

-Superconducting JJ, microbridges and SQUIDs realized with these films.

-I strictly collaborate with the other research of the group on ““Oxide electronics” on materials for spin injection and on the realization of MEMS device fully realized with Oxides materials. I also collaborate to the research on superconducting wire and tapes fabrication.




  1. Compagnia di San Paolo MIDA (R)
  2. Compagnia di San Paolo MODULA (LR)
  3. EASITrain – European Advanced Superconductivity Innovation and Training. (MSCA-ITN) H2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 764879. (LR)
  4. Alternative HTS wires EUROfusion
  5. Tl based S/c coating for FCC beam screen CERN (R)
  6. FP7 EU-JP "IRONSEA" g.a 283241 (LR)
  7. FP7-NMP3-SL-2009 "OXIDE" g.a. 228989
  8. Compagnia di San Paolo "Progetto di Start up istituto SPIN" n.1300 (R)
  9. FIRB RBAP115AYN "Oxides at the nanoscale: multifunctionality and applications"
  10. PRIN 2008 "PC-SOFCs" (LR)
  11. FP6 STREP "NANOXIDE" c.n. 033191 (WP)
  12. Prin 2004 " Sintesi di ceramici e film sottili di ossidi perovskitici"
  13. Firb 2003-2004: "Nanodispositivi di ossidi di metalli di transizione"
  14. Prin 2002: "Sintesi di ceramici e di film sottili di ossidi perovskitici. Effetto della nanostruttura ."
  15. Firb 2001: "Dispositivi nanostrutturati dii ossidi perovskitici, trasporto e coerenza quantistica"
  16. INFM Cluster of materials for the LAMIA laboratoy (2000-2003)
  17. Progetto di ricerca Università "Electronic and power application of perovkite oxides"
  18. INCO-Copernicus "Developement of New Generation of environmeally –Safe Mobile communication" ERBIC15CT980802
  19. Progetto dall'Università di Genova "Dispositivi ad effetto di campo realizzati con ossidi dei metalli transizione". (R)
  20. Brite Euram "SUTHAL" n° BRE2-CT94-0531

(R) Responsible (LR) Local Responsible (WP) WorkPackadge Leader






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