Main activities L'Aquila

The Cnr-SPIN unit of L'Aquila is focused on the study of fundamental properties of condensed matter physics.The main scientific activities range from first-principles theoretical and computational description of structural, electronic, magnetic and superconducting properties of real materials to theoretical approach to nanophotonics and metamaterials.
The unit is supported by associate members with important expertise in the preparation and characterization of new materials for technological applications.

In details:

  • Superconductivity: description and prediction of superconducting materials. The activity is mainly focused on the design of new promising superconductors.
  • Functional Materials: fundamental investigation of materials with multiple functional aspects and with entangled magnetic, electronic and spin-orbital properties.
  • Nano-photonics: manipulation of light through sub-wavelength devices.
  • Two-dimensional materials: theoretical and experimental studies of new nanomaterials for technological applications.


SPIN belongs to
Cnr - Department of Physical Sciences
and Technologies of Matter