The 2018 Europhysics Prize

The 2018 Europhysics Prize is awarded to Lucio Braicovich and Giacomo Claudio Ghiringhelli

Giacomo Ghiringhelli and Lucio Braicovich from Politecnico di Milano, were awarded the 2018 Europhysics Prize of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society (EPS), for their groundbreaking work for the development and scientific exploration of high-resolution resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS).

Giacomo Ghiringhelli and Lucio Braicovich started a very fruitful collaboration with the Rome and Naples Researchers of our Institute, CNR-SPIN, in 2003. The first RIXS experiments on High Tc superconducting  and manganite thin films realized at the CNR were performed at the ID08 beamline of the ESRF using the AXES spectrometer. This collaboration is still active today. Giacomo Ghiringhelli is currently an associated researcher of SPIN. Congratulations to both!

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