Superconducting Electronics vs Quantum Flagship

Superconducting Electronics (SE) is an established field of applied science and industry. It comprises of the application of electronic circuits made from superconducting materials which in most cases contain Josephson junctions as functional elements. Based on the macroscopic quantum effect that is superconductivity, it offers circuits whose properties are in large parts governed by quantum physics, and whose parameters are based on constants of nature involving the quantum unit. Key application areas of SE include single photon detection with nanowires, high performance qubits, qubit ultrafast and low dissipation electronics readout for quantum applications, quantum magnetometry, etc… The meeting aims to be an informal brainstorming on the potential opportunities related to SE within the EU Flagship Calls now opened, trying to focus on possible collaborations among Italian researchers and within European networks.

Last modified on Thursday, 14 December 2017 09:16
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