Ferdeghini Carlo

SPIN Director

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  • Corso F. M. Perrone, 24
  • Genova
  • 16152


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  • +39 010 6598 761
  • +39 329 3178 683

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Born: Genova, November 1955 Education: Doctoral Degree in Physics (Laurea) in 1980 Current position: Research Director at SPIN Institute of National Research Council CNR. Previous positions: from 2004 Research Director at INFM (National Institute for Physics of Matter),  99-04 Senior Development Scientist at INFM, 94-98 Senior Development scientist, Physics Department, Genova, 84-94 Development scientist, Physics Department, Genova, 81-83 Researcher at CNR, 80 Permanent position at Aeritalia, Torino. Teaching activity: Professor Teacher at the Material Science course of the University of Genova 1997-2009, Supervisor of several Laurea thesis in Physics, Chemistry and Material Science, Supervisor of various PhD thesis in Physics and Material Science. Organizing, editorial and professional activities: Director of SPIN-CNR (2012-now), Director of the CNR- project “Magnetic and Superconducting Materials”, Director of LAMIA-INFM (2009-10), Coordinator of various international and national scientific projects. Member of International Cryogenic Engineering Committee (ICEC). Member of the Board of European Society for Applied Superconduttivity (ESAS). President of the Panel “Advanced materials” of the evaluation system related to Sustainable Growth Fund of the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE, 2014-18), Member of Scientific Committee of “Festival della Scienza”, Member of Panel 02-Physics of the ANVUR, National Agency for the evaluation of the Universities and Research (2004-2010). Member of the EU-Japan Panel (EU-JST) on Novel Superconducting Materials (2009), Member of Panel 02-Physics and Panel 15f -Sciences and technologies for the evaluation and valorization of cultural goods of the Italian Committee for Evaluation of Research 2001-2004 (CIVR). Member of the INFM Institute Committee, Member of Board of Directors of Columbus Superconductors, Member of  Study Panel on Large Magnetic Fields of the Commission of the European Communities (1990), Chairman and editor of the proceedings of SATT III (Genova 1990), BOROMAG (Genova, 2002), SATT13 (Sestri Levante, 2006) and EUCAS 2013 (Genova), in the committees of several international and national conferences (ICEC15 Genova 1994, INFMeeting Genova 2000, ICEC21 2006 Praha, MT19 Genova 2005, ICEC22 Seoul 2008, ICSM Side 2008, Magnet’09 ROMA 2009, ICSM 2010 Antalya, ICEC23, Wroclaw 2010,  ICEC24, Fukuoka 2012, ICSM 2012 Istambul, FISMAT, Palermo 2015, IWC-HTS 2015, Matsue, Japan, ICSM 2016, Fethiye, ICEC25 2014 Twente,  ICEC26 2016, New Delhi, ICEC 27, 2018 Oxford), Referee for various international journals. Research activities: C.F. is active in the area of the low temperature physics and superconductivity. His experimental activity is focused on magnetic, transport and thermal properties, on material preparation and on the applications of superconductivity. After the discovery of High Temperatures Superconductors he participated to the experiments (a.c. susceptibility, thermopower, thermal diffusivity and fluctuative conductivity) carried out at the laboratory of University of Genova on these materials. C.F is active in the field of materials development, in particular on HTS, Magnesium Diboride and Iron Based SC. This activity has been carried out under the support of European funding, as well as by numerous public and industrial research grants. C.F., together with CNR, Ansaldo Superconduttori and other people, founded a company, Columbus Superconductors (www.Columbus-sc.it), devoted to establish an industrial production of MgB2 tapes and wires. More recently he moved his interest also in the thin films growth of both oxides and intermetallics (magnesium diboride, borocarbides and oxypnictides). Publications: C.F. is author of more than 250 ISI papers (h-index: 37, more than 4000 citations). C.F. was editor of the proceedings of the following conferences: SATT3 (1990 World Scientific), ICEC 15 (1994 Cryogenics), BOROMAG (2003 Superconductor Science & Technology), EUCAS 2013 (2014 Superconductor Science & Technology).






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