Conference on Modern Concepts and New Materials for Thermoelectricity

11 - 15 March 2019

Trieste, Italy


The conference is carried on under sponsorship of ICTP and European project MAGENTA with participation of SPIN (Dr. A.Varlamov is Co-director, Dr.ssa R. Sacco performs the administrative support)

Thermoelectricity is now a subject of rising interest for its fundamental significance, its tecnological development in creating new materials, and its applications both in physics and engineering. The purpose of this conference is to bring together experts in fundamentals of thermoelectricity as well as those of materials science and applications.


  • Seebeck effect as a tool for studying topological transformations of the Fermi surface 
  • Thermoelectric and thermospin phenomena in Dirac and Weyl materials 
  • Thermoelectric and thermomagnetic phenomena in nanodevices 
  • Thermoelectric and thermomagnetic phenomena in superconductors 
  • Anomalous Nernst effect and the Berry phase 
  • Figure of merit and the ways to increase it 
  • New materials: nanostructured metals (bismuth chalcogenides, half Heusler alloys, oxide compounds,silicon-germanium alloys) 
  • Specifics of Seebeck effect in electrolytes 
  • Thermo-electrochemical reactions 
  • Thermo-electrodiffusion in soft condensed matter 
  • Applications of thermoelectricity in engineering 


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