Projects & Grants

SPIN research  activity  is  mainly  supported  by  funding  obtained  through  competitive calls at different levels, from international to local.

Currently running projects are listed below.

Type of project Coordinator Acronym / Title SPIN Leader Research Unit
CNR - Joint Laboratory SPIN Joint Laboratory CNR - NTU "Amorphous materials for energy harvesting applications" A. Fierro NA
Bilateral Scientifc Cooperation SPIN Scientific Cooperation Agreement CNR - BAS (Bulgaria) S. Amoruso NA
Bilateral Scientifc Cooperation SPIN Scientific Cooperation Agreement CNR - PAN (Polonia) C. Ferdeghini GE
UE Horizon 2020 MSCA- RISE Tor Vergata Collective Ecxitations in Advanced Nanostructures COEXAN A. Kavokin RM
UE Horizon 2020 - COST ACTION SPIN Napoli Towards Oxide-Based Electronics – TO-BE (Cost Action) F. Miletto Granozio NA
UE Horizon 2020 - PROTEC Academy of Athens Flare likelihood and Region eruption forecasting - FLARECAST A. M. Massone GE
UE Horizon 2020 MSCA - IF SPIN Salerno Unveiling in functional hybrides oxides - UFOX M. Cuoco SA
UE Horizon 2020 - FET Pro-Active CEA MAGnetic nanoparticle based liquid ENergy materials for Thermoelectric device Applications - MAGENTA A. Varlamov RM
UE Horizon 2020 - MSCA - ETN CERN European Advanced Superconductivity Innovation and Training E. Bellingeri GE
Horizon 2020
Università di Vienna EUROFUSION Enabling Research projects
- Alternative HTS wires
A. Malagoli GE
UE FP7 SPIN Genova Coherent heat and energy transport in quantum system - COHEAT A. Braggio
P. Solinas
UE FP7 IFW Curved nanomembranes for topological Quantum Computation - CNTQC P. Gentile SA
PREMIALI 2012 National Projects CNR Tecnologie integrate ed ecosostenibili per la produzione l'accumulo e l'utilizzo di energia V. Braccini
G. Grimaldi
PREMIALI 2012 National Projects CNR Materiali e dispositivi magnetici e superconduttivi per sensoristica e ICT G.P. Pepe NA
PRIN 2015 National Projects ND NEW LIght on transient states in condensed matter by advanced photon - electron spectroscopies - NEWLI F. Bisio GE
PREMIALI 2015 National Projects INRIM Intermodal Secure Quantum Communication on Ground and Space - Q-SecGroundSpace G. Pepe NA
Progetti Bandiera CNR - ISM Progetto N- CHEM G. Pepe NA
PON National Projects INNOVA CAMPANIA Databenc social network delle entità dei centri storici – SNECS G. Pepe NA-SA
MISE - POA 2013 National Projects SPIN Genova DRYSMES4GRID M. Vignolo GE
MAECI (progetti grande rilevanza Italia -Giappone) SPIN Genova Attuatori allo Stato Solido per Micro/Nanorobotica L. Pellegrino GE
Research Agreement with CERN SPIN Genova Future Circular Collider (FCC) Study: Beam screen E. Bellingeri GE
Research Agreement with CERN SPIN Genova Future Circular Collider (FCC) Study:
Superconductivity for high field
M. Putti GE
US ARMY GRANT SPIN Aquila Large artificial optical nonlocality in Kaptiza-like metamaterials A. Ciattoni AQ
CARIPLO Foundation Grant PoliMI Magnetic information storage in antiferromagnet spintronic devices - MAGISTER A. Stroppa AQ
ARISLA Foundation Grant UniGE Spinal cord metabolism in Amyotrophical Later Sclerosis SCM - ALS A.M. Massone GE
Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation Grant SPIN Genova Pan-lab: biosensoristica plasmonica per diagnostica precoce F. Bisio GE