Best young researcher SPIN article Award


Transport and Field Emission Properties of MoS2 Bilayers

F. Urban

Cohautors: M. Passacantando, F. Giubileo, L. Iemmo, A. Di Bartolomeo

NANOMATERIALS 8(3), 151 (2018)


The work of F. Urban et al. deals with field-effect electrical properties of bilayer molybdenum disulfide that is currently inspiring intensive investigations for its high potential as new material for developing innovative electronic and optoelectronic devices. The results stand out in particular for timely scientific contents and for its impact in the area of advanced two-dimensional materials.


Cage Size and Jump Precursors in Glass-Forming Liquids: Experiment and Simulations

R. Pastore

Cohautors: G. Pesce, A. Sasso and M. Pica Ciamarra 

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8, 1562 (2017)


The work of R. Pastore et al. it stands out in particular for both bibliometric indicators and scientific contents. These are the result of an important synergy between the SPIN institute and the joint CNR-NTU laboratory in Singapore on the theme of amorphous materials for energy, and also document the outcome of the SPIN SEED 2014 project "Charge separation and charge transport in hybrid solar cells" of which the young researcher was scientific responsible.


Structural and transport properties of (Ca,La)FeAs2 single crystal

F. Caglieris

Cohautors: A. Sala, M. Fujioka, F. Hummel, I. Pallecchi, G. Lamura, D. Johrendt, Y. Takano, S. Ishida, A. Iyo, H. Eisaki,H. Ogino, H. Yakita, J. Shimoyama and M. Putti

APL MATERIALS 4, 020702 (2016)


Structural and transport properties of (Ca, La) FeAs2 single crystal by F. Caglieris et al., APL Materials 4, 020702 (2016) stands out in particular for both bibliometric indicators and scientific contents.  The scientific results are the outcome of an articulated collaboration between the SPIN institute and important foreign institutions, in which the young researcher played a prominent role...