Tuesday 19th of September 2017


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5. Advanced materials and techniques for organic electronics, biomedical and sensing applications

Activity Leader: Annamaria Massone

In the last years, functional compounds have been attracting a widespread interest of the scientific community in light of their favorable use for the development of smart and highly-integrated systems, where sensing, actuation and electronic control functions can be simultaneously incorporated. Through the continuous availability of electronic materials with innovative chemico-physical features, it is predicted that, in the next decades, this technological paradigm will be further enhanced and extended to many other applicative fields, up to the concrete perspective of integrating smart functionalities even in everyday common objects. On the other hand, many of the responsive materials of interest display inherently a good biocompatibility level, putting them also at the forefront in supporting the birth of a new generation of devices to be applied in several bio-medical applications, with the ability to work with minimal invasiveness at the interface with the living matter. This possibility implies, consequently, also the need of developing numerical methods specifically designed for processing large amounts of data produced by different and sophisticated diagnostic modalities. This project is aimed at investigating the fundamental properties of functional organic and inorganic materials, with specific responsiveness to physical (i.e. electromagnetic radiation, magnetic and electrostatic fields, heat, mechanical stress) and chemical (i.e. interaction with gas, liquid analytes, ionic species) external stimuli. These basic research efforts will be oriented to support the realization of innovative sensing and electronic devices to be mainly employed in the fields of biomedicine and smart systems. Further, this scientific chain will be completed with the development of computational techniques for the processing of data produced by such devices.


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