Tuesday 19th of September 2017


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3. Innovative materials with strong interplay of spin orbital charge and topological degrees of freedom

Activity Leader: Mario Cuoco

The research on new materials for electronics is facing different challenges of either technological or purely fundamental nature, most of which are related to the investigation of novel multifunctional materials and of their applications. Key-roles in these researches are the design, the growth and the advanced characterizations of systems characterized by entangled spin, orbital, charge and lattice degrees of freedom. This project is mostly dedicated to the synthesis, the characterization and the fundamental understanding of innovative materials where conventional or unconventional spin-textures can take place, as ferromagnets, antiferromagnets, canted systems, helimagnets, bulk and artificial multiferroics, topological insulators, systems hosting magnetic spin vortices and Skyrmions. We aim at addressing the way such spin textures can be modified by acting on different knobs, such as spinorbital coupling (e.g. in Rashba systems, topological systems and in 4d/5d transition metal oxide systems), magnetoelectric coupling (e.g. in multiferroics and in topological insulators), spin-transfer-torque (e.g. in domain wall systems or in Skyrmion systems), epitaxial strain, and so on.


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