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2. Superconducting and correlated low dimensional materials and devices for quantum electronics and spintronics

Actibity Leader: Procolo Lucignano

This project will exploit the physics of low dimensional materials and of superconducting devices in quantum technologies, with particular focus to the fields of quantum electronics and spintronics. Main topics will include:  

1) Superconducting/ferromagnetic proximitized heterostructures, Josephson devices, and hybrid systems.

2) Novel 2D materials and interfaces (such as graphene, topological insulators, BiSe, BiTe, LAO/STO, ZnO/ZnMgO and variants);  

3) Artificial transition metal heterostructures for novel 2D-superconductivity and magnetism;

4) Growth of low-dimensional systems with atomic-level control supported by real-time/in-situ monitoring;

5) 2D Electron gases and spin polarized electron gases in oxides and other novel materials;  

6) X-ray spectroscopies at large scale facilities on low dimensional superconductors and complex heterostructures;  

7) Advanced surface and interface spectroscopies in novel materials and devices: atomistic simulations and experiments;

8) Low-Temperature Transport and quantum effects in (nano) devices and interfaces based on superconducting, topological and other novel materials;

9) Spin injection and spin imbalance in superconducting heterostructures;

10) Generation and the detection of Majorana modes in several systems (topological insulators, topological superconductors, semiconductors with Rashba spin-orbit coupling, quantum Hall insulators);

11) Bose-Einstein condensation of excitons and exciton polaritons and exciton-mediated superconductivity;

12) Novel platforms for topological effects based on compact three-dimensional curved nanoarchitectures.


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