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6. Electronic and thermal transport from the nanoscale to the macroscale

Activity Leader: Giovanni Cantele

The scope of the present activity is the study, from the classical to the quantum level, of the fundamental processes involved in the motion of carriers (holes and electrons), lattice vibrations and other excitations in a large variety of materials and devices (including new generation solar cells, thermoelectrics, nanoelectromechanic devices, etc.) of interest for energy transport and conversion. For this purpose, different approaches will be available on the theoretical side, able to provide adequate description from the atomistic to the microscopic level, from quantum mechanics and ab initio approaches to molecular dynamics and modelling of strongly correlated materials. Both equilibrium and out-ofequilibrium phenomena (like the interplay of electronic and vibrational degrees of freedom in ultra-fast pump-andprobe experiments) will be object of investigation. The theoretical efforts will be accompanied by a continuous and fruitful comparison and interplay with the experimental results, as those provided, e.g., by angle-resolved photoemission, optical spectroscopy - both linear and non-linear - and nano-spectroscopies. Special focus will be given to novel two-dimensional and hybrid layered materials, and complex interfaces. The competencies available to the activity will also allow to get insights on nanocomposite materials and materials at the interface between biology and physics.


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