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4. Light-matter interaction and non-equilibrium dynamics in advanced materials and devices

Activity Leader: Roberto Cristiano

The light-matter interaction science and optics as well as the variety of their applications to probe/develop new materials, create innovative devices and techniques are the core of this project. In particular, the project focuses on phenomena and effects arising when light meets superconductors, oxides, non-linear optical materials, metamaterials, atmospheric medium and other materials of interest. We aim at pushing the envelope of what is possible with microand nano-fabrication, low temperatures, material science and optics. Examples are superconducting single-photon and THz detectors, advanced spectroscopic and structuring laser-based methods applied to strategic and innovative materials, development of advanced optical measurements techniques, and so forth. Our research activity is multidisciplinary in what combines cond-mat physics and materials science with laser physics and quantum optics. In this sense, it helps pushing the boundaries of what can be envisaged in emerging fields and technologies that are based on new materials and optics as well as on standard materials rigged out with novel functionalities. Potential applications include ultrafast spectroscopies and imaging, LIDAR, optical sensing, instrumentation based on innovative detectors and opto-electronics devices chemio- and bio-sensing, material processing, optical absorption tuning and control, THz optics development, plasmonics, spintronics, surface functionalization, energy and so forth.


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