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1. Novel superconducting and functional materials for energy and environment

Activity Leader: Andrea Malagoli

This project addresses the challenge of providing new, innovative materials required for the transition to a sustainable energy system: materials for harvesting energy from renewable sources, transporting energy, storing energy and converting it into other forms of energy. The final aim is the understanding of the basic properties, in order to establish and possibly improve the potential of new improved superconductors and other functional materials and shorten the distance between research and applications. The study and the realization of prototypal devices and development of systems based on these materials is also addressed in the framework of the project.

Some specific objectives:

1) Materials for Energy Transport and Storage [Fe-based and Bi-2212 superconducting wires for high field applications, high temperature superconductor coatings for high field and high frequency applications, Fe-based superconducting films and coated conductors with built-in-house metallic textured substrates, Boron to improve MgB2 performances at high magnetic fields, new materials such as hydrides, heavy fermions-based compounds.]. 

2) Materials for Energy Conversion [oxide thin films for applications in micro-fuel cells, thermoelectric materials in particular attention Fe2TiSn-based compounds, oxides and low-cost metallic circuits by Inkjet printing for solar energy conversion systems].

3) Materials for Energy Harvesting and Environment Protection [Realization of microelectromechanical systems with transition metal oxides for energy harvesting and actuators: highly sensitive micro-bolometers, moveable microstructures, sensors for gas detection, Study and development of thermoelectric materials].


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